Object Hash Set

The compact hash set for Node.js objects

In today’s adventure, we’ll explore my single favorite piece of software that I’ve worked on: the Object Hash Set. The Object Hash Set is a Node.js addon, which means it’s C++ code that a Node.js program can reference. An Object Hash Set accepts objects with the add method, and its contains method tells whether a given object has already been added. The Object Hash Set considers two objects equal if all their keys and values are the same. It is designed to be as space-efficient as possible.

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How I fixed Node.js again

Yo dawg, I heard you like requires…

As usual, I was browsing the node.js issues page when I noticed #4467. The project owner jasnell had identified a small script that unexpectedly crashed with the message console.error is not a function. Huh? Last I checked, console.error is totally a function. I had to get to the bottom of this one. It turned out to be quite a rabbit hole, taking me through some of node.js’s most important features. Hold on to your hat!

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